1 /DIs/ determiner plural these /Di:z/
1 used to talk about a person, thing, idea etc that has already been mentioned or that the person you are talking to already knows about: Wait till you hear this joke. | What is the purpose of your visit to this country? | There will be another meeting later this week. | How can we help these poor children? | If we carry on at this rate we'll be bankrupt by the end of the week.
2 used to talk about the person or thing nearest to you or the time that is soonest etc: I'm going to visit my Mum this Wednesday. | I'll look in these rooms if you look in all the rest. | I'm surprised you like that photo - I prefer this one.
3 spoken used in stories, jokes etc when you mean a person or thing, especially when you do not know their name: When am I going to meet this boyfriend of yours? | I met this really weird guy tonight.
4 this minute/second immediately: I want to see you in my office this minute!
2 pronoun plural these
1 used to talk about a person, thing, idea etc that has already been mentioned or that the person you are talking to knows about already: Where did you find these? | This is terrible. What on earth are we going to do? | If you think that's funny wait till you hear this.
2 used to talk about the person or thing nearest to you, the time that is soonest etc: These are your coats, aren't they? | That might be a much prettier dress but I feel more comfortable in this.
a) informal used to introduce someone to someone else: Sam, this is my sister, Liz.
b) used when you have answered the telephone and you want to give your name: “Can I speak to Joan please?” “This is Joan speaking.”
4 a particular time: I thought he would have been back before this. | Well young lady, what time do you call this?
5 this, that and the other also this and that especially spoken various different things, subjects etc: “What have you two been gossiping about all evening?” “Oh this, that and the other.”
6 what's (all) this? spoken used to ask what is happening, what someone's problem is etc: What's this? Crying again?
3 adverb (+ adj/adv) this big/many etc spoken used to say how big or how many, especially because you are showing the size, number etc with your hand: this big/tall etc: The table's about this high and this wide. | this much/many: Do you know he cut this much off my fringe without even asking me!

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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